Let’s Talk About . . . Mary and Elizabeth

A teenage girl and a woman past child-bearing years – both pregnant. When they meet, God is revealed in new ways. What new thing is God calling you to birth? And how can we support each other? Gather with friends for lunch and informal conversation from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. Tuesday, Dec 3, at Cathedral Park 

We will begin in the conference room at the Bishop Jones Center, then allow time for enjoying the grounds of Cathedral Park.

Bring your lunch and a drink, bring a friend, bring a curious mind.

Paula Butt, Carla Pineda, and Marjorie George will host and can answer questions. Contact Marjorie at marjorie.george@dwtx.org, Paula at ptbutt@aol.com, and Carla at carlaleedpineda@gmail.com.

Cathedral Park is located at the Bishop Jones Center, 111 Torcido, San Antonio TX 78209. If you get lost, text Marjorie at 210-857-5387.

The conference room is on the ground floor of the office building.


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