One-Hour Tuesdays at Cathedral Park




Experts say you need two hours a week in nature for the health of your body, mind, and spirit.
Here’s one of them.

All events, noon to 1 p.m.

January 28, Good Books Review
Meet in the Half Room with Carla Pineda from St.Mark’s Bookstore. Hear about this year’s best books for spiritual growth, including poetry. Add your own suggeestions to the list. Buy if you wish. 

February 4, Nature as Spiritual Practice – Thresholds
Gather in the Halff Room. Find a sit-spot on the grounds from which to consider thresholds. Or several spots. Think about the thresholds in your life just now. Gather for 20 minutes of conversation. 

February 11, Meditation Hour
Gather at the Pavilion, weather permitting. (Halff Room if weather is inclement.) Spend some time in silence. Respond as you wish: journal, write poetry, draw. Art supplies available. Leave when you wish.

February 18, Contemplative Walk
Meet in the Halff Room. Walk (sit, dance, sing, lie on the grass,)  on your own for 45 minutes using a Contemplative Walk guide. Then gather for 15 minutes of  conversation.


Paula Butt,

Marjorie George,

Carla Pineda,

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