The Pavilion

Built in 2014, the Pavilion is a cross between a screened-in porch and a tree house. Sitting atop cement pillars and entered from a wooden boardwalk, the pavilion is ideal for small groups of 20 to 30. It is a pack-it-in, pack-it-out facility; users bring all their own supplies and clean up after themselves (a small sink and electricity are available).  The space is outfitted with fans that cool the area even in the heat of summer. A restroom is nearby.

The Pavilion is located at the edge of the developed property and is accessible by a pebble path from the main parking lot. An alternate entrance with minimal parking is available for handicapped access upon request.

The ambience of the Pavilion is serene and relaxed; it is best used by individuals and small groups for prayer, meditation, and spiritual formation workshops. It is not intended for business meetings or parties.

Reservations to use the Pavilion may be made by contacting Leigh Saunders at the Bishop Jones Center – or 210-824-5387. There may be a charge for groups.

Individuals are encouraged to use the Pavilion for private prayer and meditation when it is not otherwise booked.

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